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Brody Condon

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BIO - Brody Condon is an artist and educator based in Los Angeles. His current interest is the reverse engineering and exploitation of 3D game development technology. Brody attempts to locate, or fabricate situations and visual works where computer games and game culture leak outside of the box and into our lived experience. He is currently working with the collaborative /C-Level/ on a series of 3D games based on "alternative utopias and apocalyptic moments." Upcoming exhibitions include the Whitney Biennial 2004(with Anne-Marie Schleiner and Joan Leandre) and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

STATEMENT - My life is a vast ghetto littered with neotolkien elves, eight-barrel rocket launchers, endless hordes of faceless muscle-bound goons, armor-cum-lingerie, the seven artifacts of the evil overlord, a billion overacted cut scenes, terrorists-du-jour, neogeiger aliens, hovertanks, troglodytes, vampires, and +7 potions of healing; all set in a neo-post-industrial steam-cyberpunk castle with teleportals and elevators and platform puzzles in every room. There I am an undercover half-ogre sorcerer carrying a vorpal six-barrel chain gun while riding a Harley into the roman coliseum to battle a cyborg lion controlled by a ghost emperor, which is actually a time traveling nanobot AI, battling for domination over a fictional kingdom that exists only in the minds of mutant Siamese twins.


Brody Condon, DeResFX.Kill < Elvis, 2004
Computer Game modification (Unreal 2003)


QuickTime Movie

Karma Physics< Elvis is a modification of the first person shooter computer game Unreal 2003. As the viewer camera floats through an infinite pink afterlife, twitching multiples of Elvis are controlled by the original game's "Karma Physics" real-time physics system - generally used to simulate realistic game character death.


Brody Condon, 650 Polygon John Carmack v2.0, 2004
CNC Milled Polyurethane, Archival Inket Prints 108cm x 56cm x 65cm 650


QuickTime Movie

650 Polygon John Carmack (Version 2.0) is a low polygon likeness of the famous game engine programmer John Carmack of ID Software. The sculpture is an appropriated portrait of Carmack from the game Quake III, CNC milled in polyurethane, and textured with hundreds of hand placed inket decals.