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INSIDE ART - David Claerbout

Mary Mattingly, Pull, 2013. Courtesy of the artist and Robert Mann Gallery, New York, NY

David Claerbout, Oil workers (from the Shell company of Nigeria) returning home from work, caught in torrential rain, 2013. © David Claerbout; Courtesy of the artist and Sean Kelly, New York

The Fall 2017 edition of InsideART focuses on the USFCAM exhibition David Claerbout.

Belgian artist David Claerbout has explored the conceptual framework of duration through use of film and digital photography throughout his career. His skilled manipulation of still and moving images appears to capture another dimension of existence, shifting between past and present. The element of sound is critical in many of his works, used as either a narrative device or a “guide” for the viewer to navigate the architectural space in the film. Claerbout’s oeuvre is characterized by a meticulous attention to production details, painstakingly created often over a period of years. The resultant works are immersive environments in which the viewer is invited to engage both philosophically and aesthetically. Curated by Margaret Miller; organized by USFCAM.

InsideART David Claerbout lessons are written by USF College of Education faculty Dr. Bárbara C. Cruz, Professor of Social Science Education and Dr. Cheryl Ellerbrock, Associate Professor of Middle Grades and General Secondary Education; Sarah Mead, M.A.T., Doctoral Student in the USF College of Education; and Noel Smith, Deputy Director, USFCAM.

Common Core State Standards – In addition to Visual Arts and Social Studies curriculum standards, lessons in the InsideART curriculum cover Common Core standards related to:

  • Reading: Informational Text
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Language
  • Literacy in History/Social Studies


The links on this page allow you to download the index and lesson files of the Extracted InsideART.

  • Click ONCE on links to open, or right click (control click) to download
  • Files can be downloaded individually or as a complete archive (.zip) at the bottom of the page.
  • Curriculum and readings are available as both Microsoft Word documents (.docx) and Adobe Acrobat documents (.pdf)
  • Presentations are Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (.pptx)


David Claerbout, Radio Piece (Hong Kong), 2015. © David Claerbout; Courtesy of the artist and Sean Kelly, New York

David Claerbout, Radio Piece (Hong Kong), 2015. © David Claerbout; Courtesy of the artist and Sean Kelly, New York

David Claerbout Files

David_Claerbout_Curriculum_Overview_and_Crosswalk.docx (.pdf)

Day 1
David_Claerbout_Day_1.Looking_at_the_Past_and_Present_(David_Claerbout).docx (pdf)

Day 2
David_Claerbout_Day_2.1950s_and_the_Rise_of_Pop_Culture.docx (.pdf)

Day 3
David_Claerbout_Day_3.Working_and_Waiting_in_Nigeria.docx (.pdf)
David_Claerbout_Day_3.Reading_Nigeria_oil_workers_strike.docx (.pdf)

Day 4
David_Claerbout_Day_4.Life_in_the_City_of_Darkness.docx (.pdf)
David_Claerbout_Day_4.People_of_Kowloon_Gallery_Walk.docx (.pdf)

Day 5
David_Claerbout_Day_5.Art_Project_and_Display.docx (.pdf)
David_Claerbout_Day_5.Photography_Art_Project_instructions.docx (.pdf)
David_Claerbout_Day_5.Photography_Art_Project_Rubric.docx (.pdf)

Download Complete InsideART Fall 2017 David Claerbout Lessons (.zip - 25 MB)

David Zink Yi, The Strangers, 2014. Courtesy the artist, Hauser & Wirth and Johann König, Berlin

David Claerbout, KING (after Alfred Wertheimer’s 1956 picture of a young man named Elvis Presley), 2015–2016. © David Claerbout; Courtesy of the artist and Sean Kelly, New York

Further Resources:

Download the David Claerbout exhibition booklet in pdf format

If you have questions about the lesson plans or about the David Claerbout exhibition email an expert

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